StyrosZyme® Papain

Technical Specifications

Support Matrix Hydrophilic coated cross linked polystyrene/divinyl benzene
Loading 6-8 mg per ml of bed volume
Surface Functionality Papain from Papaya Latex
Shipping solvent 0.02 % sodium azide in DI Water or 10% MeOH in DI Water.
Packing density 0.4 g/ml
Shrinkage/swelling < 0.5% under different salt or solvent concentrations.


Enzyme digestion varies with proteins as well as the operating conditions such as temperatureflow rate and pH.

General Considerations

By controlling these variables, it is possible to control the extent of digestion.

Papain is a single polypeptide with an isoelectric point of 9.6 and an optimum pH range of 6-7 for enzymatic activity.

As a sulfhydryl protease, Papain is not reactive in its native form and needs to be activated by a mild disulfide reducing agent such as Cysteine.

 Papain is very useful in the preparation of immunoglobulin fragments such as Fab and Fc fragments from IgG class antibodies.

StyrosZyme® Papain can be ordered in PEEK or Stainless Steel Columns.

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