STYROS® AL (Activated Affinity Simulated Monolith ™)

Technical Specifications. Physical and Chemical Resistance

Support Matrix

Cross linked polystyrene divinyl benzene

Surface functionality



12 atoms chain

Binding capacity

~150 µmole/ml

Shipping solvent

30% MeOH in DI Water.

Packed bed density

0.4 g/ml


< 0.2% under different salt or solvent concentrations.

pH working range

1-14 (Up to 5.0 M NaOH, 1.0 M HCl)

Ionic strength

0-5 M, all common salts

Eluent additives

Common agents such as 8M urea, 6 M guanidine /HCl, and detergents.


0-100%, alcohols, acetonitrile, THF and other common solvents used in HPLC

Operating temperature

5 – 80° C

Maximum pressure tolerance.

Up to 207 bar(3,000 psi, 21MPa)


Online Activation.

Unlike batch activation, online activation with STYROS® Activated Affinity Simulated Monolith™ columns is more controllable and more reproducible.
Minute amounts of rare proteins can be immobilized on the proper size column while monitoring the process through a detector.
The immobilization time is reduced from days to hours.
The proteins are less likely to become denatured as a result of long shaking and mechanical forces.

Once immobilized, the protein becomes more stable if kept under proper conditions.

Many immobilization procedures, both on line and in batch have been described in details in the published literature.

These columns are offered in many sizes both in PEEK and Stainless Steel.

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