STYROS® Reversed Phase Polymeric

STYROS® Reversed-Phase

STYROS® R are the first generations of our Simulated Monolith™ reversed-phase polymeric stationary phases.

They offer high protein capacity, high pressure tolerance and the possibility to be used in scale up processes since they do not leach and therefore contaminate the final product.

The fully pervious nature of the media with a unimodal pore structure enables exceptional mass transport kinetics.

Unlike soft gel, Simulated Monolith™ columns can be used at high back pressures, reducing considerably the run time.
Typical linear flow rates are 700 to 1,800 cm/hr. and above, compared to 140 cm/hr. with soft gel.
Unlike Monolith, there are no limitations with Simulated Monolith™ columns. They are available in most sizes and configurations.

STYROS® 1R has a binding strength equivalent to that of a silica C4, whereas the binding strength of

STYROS® 2R is closer to other poly (styrene-divinylbenzene) media such as POROS® R from former PerSeptive Biosystems or PLRP-S from former Polymer Laboratories (now Agilent)

STYROS® 3R has a binding capacity of 10 mg/ml measured with Lysozyme.

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