StyrosZyme® Immobilized Enzyme

StyrosZyme® Immobilized Enzymes

StyrosZyme® enzyme reactor columns are a specialized line of products from OraChrom.
These are Simulated Monolith™ fully uniform hydrophilic polymer based media with enzyme covalently tethered to the surface of the fully porous stationary phase.
It is intended to perform online digestion of protein in a flow through setting.

The advantages offered by immobilized enzyme in a flow through setting are numerous:

  • Digestion time is reduced to a few minutes as compared to hours.
  • The enzyme cartridge can be used as a direct inlet to either an LC or an MS system for the analysis of the resulting peptides, substantially reducing and simplifying the sample handling process and allowing it to be fully automated.
  • The extent of digestion can be controlled by changing the flow rate and the temperature. It can also be made fully reproducible.
  • The immobilized enzyme displays high stability towards its working range pH’s, organic solvents, high flow rates, temperatures and back pressures.
  • Due to the absence of contact in the immobilized format between enzyme molecules, no auto digestion occurs.

The enzyme reactor columns are now offered preconditioned and can be used directly after replacing the solvent it has been shipped with.

The present set of enzymes include TPCK-Trypsin, Pepsin and Papain. They will be followed by additional enzyme.

StyrosZyme® Immobilized Enzyme Simulated Monolith™ media are available in different formats.

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