STYROS® HIC-t-Butyl (Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography)

• Product Summary:

The proprietary polymerization technique ensures that the packing is not brittle and free of any leachable.
STYROS® HIC-t-Butyl provides high chromatographic performances, chemical stability, versatility as well as cost.
STYROS® media are available in many different size columns both in PEEK and Stainless Steel.

• Key Features:

·          Feature 1:

Optimum protein capacity (measured with Lysozyme):
35 mg/ml for STYROS® HIC-Ether

·         Feature 2:
Although we have used pressures of up to 10,000 psi without irreversibly altering the structure of the beads, we recommend the following pressure limits:

3,000 psi for the XH series
3,000 psi for NB series
3,000 psi for the MB series
2,000 psi for Micro Trap columns
2,000 psi for Silica Capillary columns

·         Feature 3:
No measurable shrinking and/or swelling due to highly cross-linked nature of the beads.

• Specifications:

Support Matrix

 Cross-linked Poly(styrene-divinylbenzene)

Surface Functionalities

– C(CH3)3

Shipping Solvent

 30 % MeOH in DI Water

Packing Density

0.4 g/ml


< 0.5 % under different salt or solvent concentrations

Maximum Pressure Tolerance

207 bar (3,000 psi, 21 MPa)

STYROS® HIC-t-Butyl are provided in PEEK and Stainless Steel columns of different sizes.

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